How to Slow Down Songs Without Changing Pitch
for Guitar Players for Free

You can slow songs down without changing pitch with a bunch of programs out there you can buy. Here I’ll show you a free program you can use to slow songs down with, how to use it with two video tutorials & wiritten instructions below.

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Video Tutorial 1
Free Software Download Instructions
(Click Image Below to Play)

Video Tutorial 2
How to Slow Down
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Image, Slow Down Songs Software Download Tutorial
Image, Slow Down Songs Software Download Tutorial

A Quick Note on Why I'm Telling You About this.

I could make money promoting music “Slow Downer” programs for guitarists because they are very useful. But I’d like to think I’m a nice guy & I’d rather show you a free alternative.

In 2000’ I bought one of those programs called Slow Gold before you could get them free & it was worth every penny of the $50 at the time. Thankfully, nobody needs to spend money on them now.

How to Slow Songs Down & Where to Get The Free Software.

The program I use to slow songs down with now is a free program called Audacity. It’s also a free digital multi track recording program you can use to record your compositions with. So, it’s a great multipurpose tool.

First, go to & download a version of Audacity your computer can run. There’re a few versions for Windows & Mac so make sure you read up & get one that’s alright to run on your computer.

Next, you’ll need a program to open the Audacity file because it’s a .zip file. Here’s a free program you can use to unzip the Audacity .zip file with if you don’t have WinZip. I think it’s a better program anyway

OK! Now, unzip the audacity file, install it & you’re good to go.

Now let’s get to it!

  • Once you open Audacity, click file on the top right side, from the drop-down menu, select import, find the song you want to slow down, import it & it will appear on the first track. If you click play, it'll play. Easy enough!

  • To make the section of the song you want to play slow in Audacity, find "zoom" in the middle of the toolbar & zoom in on the section of the track you want. Now highlight it by dragging the courser over the section of the track & click play to make sure it's correct.

  • Next, find & click "effect" at the tip right of the toolbar and select & change tempo from the drop-down menu. When the change tempo pop-up box appears, reduce the percentage slider you'll see & click OK. You can also preview first, to see if the section is fast or slow enough for your liking, with the privier button in the pop-up box you see the percentage slider in.

  • Then, the entire song's wave form will shrink to almost its original size. So, just zoom in on the section of the track you slowed down, click play & presto! It plays nice and slow so you can hear the section easily to figure out.

  • If you want to figure out tiny sections of a song at a time, just keep zooming in & highlighting the sections you want inside the area you slowed down. You'll be able to hear just a few notes at a time, or even single notes.

  • Last, any section you set up to hear slow can be looped when you play it. Simply by press your shift button on your keyboard & hold you mouse on the play button. That will make digging those hard to hear notes really easy to learn because they repeat over & over. So you can practice with the "mini" section you loop until you get it.

Thank you for reading!

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